As I was killing time before my scheduled eye exam at Clearly Contacts on a Friday afternoon I decided to stop by the Winners at Yonge and College. After skimming through sizes 7.5 - 8's I landed on the cutest heels made by Nine West. The first thing I look for is the material. I try to justify the price with quality. Investing in things made with good quality is better than buying cheaply made things that won't last for long. They were made of real leather so I then moved on to trying them on. They were so comfortable! I love the classic pointy toe high heel and they had a lovely added touch of personality with a cross over strap. The price was $59.99 which I would like to call a major steal! I adore these shoes and wore them that night to baby Arias full moon celebration. My sister loved them too so I went back to see if they had another pair for her. We are guilty of often buying the same things to avoid wearing each others clothes ! Sister problems! 

On my way to pay I passed buy the Winners Runway line and got to skim through their designer items which were really fun to touch and feel. I seen Aquazzura heels, Fendi boots. Most of the items were very flashy and fancy so I proceeded to pay. The cashier asked me if I had a loyalty card which I didn't. I decided to grab an application and share the perks with you all! 




So the main thing I love about the loyalty program card is that instead of a 10 day refund policy you get 30 days! Which is especially amazing if you find yourself also shopping at HomeSense and Marshall's! 



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